Feet Patch Skin Care Adhesive Hydrocolloid Dressing

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Hydrocolloid dressing Feet Patch is a kind of elastic dressing made of medical hot-melt adhesive with CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) hydrophilic granules.

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Product Performance (Hydrocolloid Dressing Feet Patch)

1. Excellent exudate adsorption capability.

2. Keep the wound in a moist environment, promote wound healing, effectively release pains and reduce wound care frequency.

3. Water-proof protect the wound from microbial invasion.

4. Excellent elasticith and self-adhesive, convenient and comfortable to wear.

5. Please change the dressing when it turns white.

6. Easy to peel off, no adherence to wound, so effectively reduce the potential damage and pains.

7. Available in different sizes and shapes to meet the clinical needs.

Product Advantages

1.TREAT & PREVENT BLISTERS: Our large assorted pack of bandage patches is perfect for any active person. Like moleskin for feet protection, our bandage kit protects and prevents any blister. But our blister gel guard bandages do something extra: they treat the blister while you wear it.

2.WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Once you apply a heel or toe bandage from our variety pack, the blister is protected from water, germs, sweat, and additional friction, even during the sweatiest hike or dance class.

3.ULTRA-STICKY: Our customers have the best results applying the hydrocolloid bandage patches to clean, dry skin. The toe bandages are very sticky, and stay where you want them until they're done absorbing moisture from the blister.

4.PERFECT FOR DAILY WEAR: Use these blister pad bandages as heel blister protectors. To mitigate blisters in business meetings or on the golf course, apply our blister kit to hot spots before you leave the house. Blisters are prevented before they can start!

Our Company Advantages

1. After-sale service: We focus on after-sale service.

2. Accept OEM design: Can produce any design as your require.

3. Good service: We treat clients as friend.

4. Good quality: We have good reputation in the world market.

5. Good deliver: We have big discount and ensure that safety delivery.

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